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restaurant leading to an arrest. >> disorder in court, deputies moving in and putting people in cuffs when a hearing gets out of hand. >> local10 investigates keel ignitions leading to carbon monoxide deaths. what's been done andnd not done on new safety requirements. >> live. the one and only local10 news starts right now. >> donald trump missivg a super tuesday sweep by only two states. joining supporters tonight at a rally in palm beach where he continues his push for the republican nomination. >> on the democratic side hillary clinton south in south florida at a rally in miami enjoying big wins across the majority of super tuesday states now up for grads. >> and a candidate you would expect to be in south florida, marco rubio desperately needing a boost to jump start his campaign, failing to bring home a win. >> with a dozen states u for grab tonight the big winner is donald trump, but the clear
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winning both oklahoma and his home state of texas. >> that contest looking like this so far. ted cruz winning the represent primary with 42%, donald trump coming in second with 28% and marco rubio with 18%. >ut beyond the luanne and john star states. dodold trump dominated. here's a look at georgia. trump winning with 40% of the vote. cruz 24%. rubio with the same. 24%. >> virginia also going to trump where much of the republican establishment lives, but that race was much closer. marco rubio putting in a good showing there. as you see, trump with 35%. rubio with 32%. cruz with 17%. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton is showing her dominance w wning the majority of contests. but bernie sanders winningoklahoma, his home state of vermont and looking at a strong pa of other contests as well. >> that contest looking like this. senator sanders winning easily as you can see withh 86% to clinton's 14%. >> but in texas it was hillary
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delegate rich state with 67% and sanders with 31%. >> similar story in georgia, clinton winning easily there with 71% as she gets closer to the nomination. >> good evening, everyrye, south florida is the center of the political universe tonight as three major candidates hold events in south florida on this super tuesday. >> the sunshine state becomes the next big prize for both republicans and democrats. we have extensive coverage tonight. glenna milberg. janine stanwood. and carlos suarez covering the trump campaign in palm beach. carlos. >> calaln and laurie, donald trump didn't quite sweep sup tuesday, but his hall of delegates make it virtually impossible for the remaining field of candidas to catch up with him. it makes it difficult forhe remaining republicans to say he does not have a coalition behind him that could translate into a
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question that really looms for donald trump is whether he can cross that threshold in terms of delegates to avoid an open convention. donald trump took the stage just behind me here before a small group of invited g guests at a ballroom here. he was joined on stage by republican governor chris christie. now tmps at times seemed subdued, surprised at what he said he accomplished tonight. the campaign had hoped for a sweep, but it looks like trump could win eight to nine of the 11 voting states. he praised senator ted cruz for his win in texas and he did go after senator marco rubio when he was pressed on whether he wouou call for senator rubioio to drop out if he loses florida come march 15. donald trump said he would not. lien it was a very tough night for marco rubio. he had a tough night. but he worked hard. he spent a lot of money. he is a lightweight assaid many times before. but you know what? we're going to go to florida. we're goi to spend so much time in florida.
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i know that a lot of groups, a lot of special interests and a lot of lobbyists and the people that want to have theirittle senator do exactly as they want, they're going to put 20 or $25 million into it over the next two weeks from whatt just came over the wires. and frankly i think that's fine as far as i'm concerned. >> and so the backdrop of tonight's speech was quitefitting for trump. it was in the ballroom, which by the look of things behind me aswell as that chandelier could have easily passed as the east ramon of the white house. trump was also asked whether or not he received the support of floor governor rick scott. he said he did not, but he did go on to describe hisis friend hip with him being great. >> i'm carlos suarez, local10 news. >> the other big winner of course this super tuesday, hillary clinton. her campaign gaining momentum tonight leaving senator bernie sanders you might say in the dust.
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where the likely nominee is holding her super tuesday rally. >> glenna. >> a lot of selfies, laurie and calvin taken here tonight. this all played out tonight. all the results came in front of what was a loud and proud and fairly diverse miami crowd here and super tuesday numbers really did play out as expected in thehe clinton camp. from the very first wins that came inou saw the southern states, the blockbuster support that hillary clinton has in a very significant african-american american electorate. just like we s in south carolina she did we will in the latino vote tenant. so telling that clinton chose tospend super tuesday in florida armed now with a dealt count that's going to be tough to beat. the next big prize, our big diverse swing state. the winner stay all as well at primary in two weeks, march 15th. clearly tonight you heard a very fafaliar speech that hillary clinton gave, but she is starting
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look toward the general election. >> it's clear tonight that the stakes in this election have never been higher a the rhetoric we're hearing on the other side has never been lower. >> trying to divide america between us and them is wrong and we're not going to let it work. >> a very familiar speech. anyone who listens to hillary clinton goes throughout the states heard wt you heard tonight. really nothing south florida or florida specific tonight, but this crowd did not seem to mind when those super tuesday numbers came in on the big screen.( i'm glen milberg in miami tonight, local10 news. >> thank you, glenna. >> for the third candidate holding a rally in south florida, none other senator marco rubio. >> rubio desperately needing a
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wave into the florida primary just two weeks from tonight. janine stanwood is covering and she's live in southwest miami-dade. >> hello from tropical park in southwest miami-dade. this is marcr rubio country. he went to high school just a couple of miles from here. he came in tonight with all the swagger of a winner. he's poised not to wing a single state here. you can see the crews are starting to break down the stage, but it was just a little after 9:00 when rubio arrived to a big crowd. he knows he needs florida to be viable, playing up his roots as the son of immigrants and as we've been hearing, especially in the last week he attacked donald trump. listen. >> we are going to send a message that the party of lincoln and reagan and the presidency of the united states will never be held by a con artist. >> of all t places in america and i have traveled this country
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back, because there iso place in america that understands the american dream better than this community and this great state of florida. >> i want you to understand that no matter how long it takes, no matter how many states it takes, no matter weeks and months it takes, i will campaign as long as it takes and wherever it takak to ensure that i am the next president of thenited s state >> marco rubio not quitting the number crunchers say that he could still possibly clinch the nomination, but, oh, boy, it is not going to be easy. he definitely needs florida. he's probably hoping that the groups and the super pacs that are forming will then lend their support to him as the viable candidate who can beat the democrats. calvin, laurie he has a gop debate coming up on thursday. will that move the needle? we will sayay. >> i'm janine stanwood, local10 news. >> the only other gop candidate
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a win tonight, senator ted cruz with texas and oklahoma. >> cruzinning his home state of texas with 42% of the vote. that was what he really wanted. something that was clearly expected, but also so important to the cruz campaign. >> tomorrow morning, we have a choice. so long as the field remains divided, donald trump's path to the nomination remains more likely and that would be a disaster for republicans. for conservatives and for the nation. >> and bernie sanders, he also wowohis home state. sanders taking vermont with 8 8 of the vote, but he struggled in other parts of the country. even still the campaign goes on with enthusiasm. is it does say something and it means so much to me that the people who know me best, the people who knew me before i was elected who knew me as mayor,
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me as senator have voted so strongly to put us in the white house. thank you so much. >> and this just in now. bernie sanders also projectededo win the state of colorado. here you see 58% over 41% for hillary clintonon so that gives bernie sanders vermont, oklahoma and colorado. >> let's bring in now our analyst for local10 news here, our michael putney. what's the headline for tonight? >> the headlines, the above the fold headline tonight and tomorrow morning are hillary clinton who basically wrapped up the nomination and the overwhelming wins by donald trump who now appears unstopable. he is reinventing the republica party in his own image and it looks like he will be the gop nominee. the big loser on super tuesday, marco rubio. rubio went on the attack again donald trump in the last week. he got down in the gutter with him attacking trump on a personal level, trading school boy insults
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it just as jeb bush did. rubio is a wounded candidate tonight. still has not won one primary or caucus. rubio was hoping for a victory in virginia. he came close, but he came insecond there. as you see here, it was trump, 35%, rubio, 32%. ted cruz, 17%. now, looking ahead to florida, ou marry in two weeks, marco rubio is not in good shape right now. the most recent poll in florida has trump with a 20-point lead. if rubio loses florida by any percentage, i think his campaign basically is over. a bright spot for rubio tonight, the upper mid western state of minnesota, here are the results in minnesota, rubio is leading probably is going to win here, 37%. ted cruz, 28%. donald trump, 21%. >> and t tt will be the only area where donald trump is third. he's saying he's a always first or
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>> and he bragged about that in his news conference tonight. which not only looks like the east ramon of the white house, kind of reminus me of versailles in france. >> michael, thank you for the analysis of cour and we're going to be working together a lot during this political season. as you know, it's been wild. >> it has. we'll check back with you, because there's still some races that are too close to call. we'll be back with updates throughout this news conference. plus abc is going to continue their super tuesday coverage immediately following night line. >> other news tonight, a mother taking her child to a bathroom at a south florida restaurant. there she covers a camera and police say an employee actually put it there. >> we're live in southwest miami-dade with detetls. >> a woman goes into the rest ramon, finds the device and then startsooking it up on her phone, researching all these serial numbers. police believe that the manager tampered with that camera after he was confronted. >> beyond the outer walls inside the women's batoom is where a
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recording device facing the direction of the restaurant's toilet. the woman was assisting her child in the bath ramon off southwest 152nd stre and 137th avenue when according to the policereport she noticed a strange device tucked away under the sink. she took it apart, brought it to her husband at the table. she started researching on her phone to see what it was. the result, an advanced motion sensor camera. the couple confronted employees before reaching the manager. >> those at the restaurant weren't happy to see us. we were trying to get answers after police arrested a man. so we found out he was only charged with tampering with the evidence after the cple handed over the recording device to him. the report say he took it and just started walking aroun >> he quote became very nervous and began to walk around and pace the restaurant as if attempting
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the mother demanded to see what was on the cama as he walked from the back ramon of the restaurant right to the fronw. the mother later notices the camera's memory chip was missing. he claims it was never there. so police were called and began investigating. >> now he's charged with tampering, resisting arrest. no actual video has been recovered, but this investigation is still ongoing tonight. live in southwest miami-dade, i'm andrew perez. >> fiu women's basketball coach has been sididined after allegations of misconduct. will mansoso is joining us with the details. >> the coach has been suspended by the coach, the team's captain tellin the miami herald that her coach made repeat sexual advances at her. she is in her first -- disappointing record of 4-23. he reported that he was sending his player inappropriate text
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the pair also claimed that the coach loaned her $600 in november which would be a ncaa violation. she filed a complaint with the ncaa, she also filed a complaint with the school's athletics administration.they released a statement saying the investigation is under way and the coach has been suspended pending the results of the investigation. >> new at learn. crews quickly arrived on the scene to handle a fire earlierer this evening. video from the helmet camera of one of the firefighters shows heavy smoke pouring out of the building. the damage was contained and those flames were eventuallll put out. >> a popular feature on cars could also be deadly. we're talking about kless ignition vehicles. cars that don't need a key to turn the ignition or the engine on or off. >> and while the federal government raised safety concerns
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several deaths linked to hark poise cringe. >> it's technology designed to make things easier for drivers. no physical key needed to started the ignition and it's increasingly popular. >> for many, many years people take their key, they go into their house and their car is off. >> with no key to remove, drivers can forget to hit a button to turn the car off. the danger, cars left running in the garage flood a home with carbon monoxide, killing those inside without any warning. >> it's a miracle he survived after his girlfriend mistakenly left her lexus running in the garage in 2010. they found the couple a day later. he was unable to move or speak. 29-year-old was alrlrdy gone. >> it's hard. it's hard to move on. it's hard to -- you can't replace that. >> so how quickly with k this
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we visited the broward fire academy to find out. we left a car running and closed it in. after 15 minutes firefighters haz-mat went in to test the air. 35 per 50 parts per million. >> they say those levels are dangerous. 20 carbon monoxide deaths are now linked to keyless ignition cars. eight of those cases here in florida, killing 10 people. >> it's an issue. when you know it and it's been a lot of years. his family sued lexus' parent company toyota for negligence. the auto maker settled. in 2011 the national traffic highway safety administration, nhtsa for short. proposed rules for keyless warning. yet to act.
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wrote nhtsa does not have an update at this time for the rule. the companies have stalled them from doing it too. nothing changes and people keep dying. >> when it comes to a warning it depends on the manufacturer. some cars like bmw give no obviously indication once you getout of the car and walk away with the key in your hand that the engine is still running. others like hyundai have external alarms, but critics say that's not loud enougu and all cars need this. >> in september an 84-year-old woman died in palm beach county after leaving her key in the ignitiwn in her lexus in the garage. a spokesperson wrote we as wit@h most auto makers doesn't discuss future product plans. >> it's very very very very difficult for her family, for my family, for me, and it could have been prevented. you know, it could have been prevented. >> nhtsa says they are still
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many of those comments from auto makers oppose any change. the alliance of automobile manufacturers wrote, data suggests there is not a serious safety problem with these vehicles to warrant new requirements. these highlight the importance ofhaving carbon monoxide detecters which have saved lives in cases just like these. >> they led police on a wild chase across south florida, now the accused carjackerer are in court where the chaos continues. we'll take threw. >> i'm chief meteorologist, betty davis. 80 degrees today in miami. tomorrow could b b a bit warmer. i'll talk temperatures with you after the break. > it's known as america's favorite past time. tonight where president obama will attend a game in cuba. >> our coverage continues for super tuesday t tight.
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we'll have the latest >> the hearing of three teenagers accused of wild chase in broward county ended with six more people in handcuffs. two, 15-ar-olds were arrested after a wild chase in lauderhill yesterday. those teens appeared in court today and six of their friends had to be escorted out after outbursts. >> two of those six were ordered to be held in juvenile detention for five days while the other four were allowed to leave. >> now to more historic change in cuba. president obama is adding to his travel plans during his u coming trip to cuba. the president said tonight that he would attenda baseball game between the tampa bay raise and the cuba national baseball team that will happen on march 22nd.
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the latin-american stadium ready for the exhibition games. >> the legendary rolling stones are moving into cuba later@ this month to put on a free concert. it's going to be held in havana likely attracting a large audience. the government once persecuted young people for listening to rock music. it's since changed with the easing of diplomatic relations with the u.s. here's a poster for the concert that the gup is already promoting. the stones are on tour and expected to play in havana sports city on friday, march 25th. >> local10 will be there for it all laurie and calvin with our team of local10 reporters. i will be reporting live from havana later on this month. >> let's bring in betty davis because we have some gorgeous weather to start the week and we want to keep it. >> we asked for a carbon copy last night. can we go for a three in a row? a trifecta here betty. >> you're askingg for a lot of, calvin hughes. i hope you had a pleasant march 1st. tonight is nice too. 72 degrees the current
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a few of your neighborhoods already down into the 60s, noting homestead at 64. kendall, 66 and pembroke pines at 68. long with p pompano beach. i think they're celebrating just how great the weather is. our winds tonight are light, but still being drawn in from the east, so that's a mild flow in many areas so that means we are not expecting tremendously cool temperatures in the morning. maybe just cool enough for a sweater depending on where you are. most of you will start the day in the 60s. doppler radar nice and quiet just like last night. broward, miami-dade and the keys, not a drop of rainfall to be found. high pressure still in control of the weather situation here. conditions deteriorating for parts of the east as we track this cold front. there is a line of showers and storms extending from parts of pennsylvania back down into
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and then on the top side of this system, air is cold enough to support some snow into toronto, canada and back towards the thumbs of michigan as well. the air behind the front is cold, but we're not expected to get cold air in here. tomorrow we track the leading edge of this cold front as it slides down the peninsula. it's going to be really weak, so we're expecting warm and mainly dry conditions and once that front fizzles it won't do a lot to change the weather over the next several days. more of the same on the way. sun and clouds and temperatures seasonable or a few degrees above seasonable. heading to the beaches tomorrow, the rip current risk is low. we start the morning in the 60 and the afternoon ends with temperatures peaking in the lower 80s. winds light and variable. thursday we could achieve 80 degrees. again. just like we did today. by friday some upper 70s out there. each and every morning, 60s to start the day and high temperatures on either side of 80.
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your weather authority always watching and tracking, meteorologist julie durda gets started at 4:30. will. >> betty, thanks so much. the heat's offense has been so much better since the all-star break, but not this good. an offensive explosion tonight. the highlights of the heat and the bulls, next in sports. >> you know, jimmy kimmel is going to have some fun on this super tuesday. let's check in. >>. >> and here is tonight's winning cash three, play four, fantasy five and your lucky numbers.
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good northbound or southbound at red road at 57th avenue we've got some long term construction out there. they're widening from four lanes to six lanes. don't forget you can get your
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now, local10 sports with will manso. >> on this super tuesday a quick check of sports. turned out to be a super night in south florida.what a night for the miami. no team hashad a better shooting night this season. it was the greatest shooting night performance in the history of the franchise. also some history, two grade broadcasters honored tonight, both with 2000 games in their career. joe johnson, unbelievable tonight. he gets the three up 11. fourth quarter. double-double, 26 points.
11:30 pm
fofo blocks. heat win 129-111. >> i mean, yeah, we want to take advantage of every chance we get we let the one in boston getaway, but it's a learning experience. we've got joe johnson, so great pickup, heat. he's an amazing player and i'm glad he's on our side. >> panthers hit the road ting on the jets. riley smith will redirect there. head two goals. panthers win this thing in winnipeg. dolphins the transition tag. now, the fins, that means if they sign him they pay him around 13 millions dollars. if a team makes the same offer -- it ended up using him to the buffalo bills. >> okay, will, thanks so much. >> an update on super tuesday. bernie sanders winning the
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making a total of four wins. hillary clinton taking six. massachusetts still too close too call on the democratic side. >> we can now project at the first primary win for marco rubio will be the state of minnesota. >> and here's a closerook at the numbers so far. if we have those. let's take a look here. marco rubio with 30%. ted cruzoming in second. donald trump with his only third. 28%. >> michael is one enough to make the case to continue into florida fofo marco. >> it is. one is better than none which he had before, so let's give marco his due. i think that senator rubio, it's a very good win in minnesota. going backcko donald trump, the most interesting thing that i think trump said tonight in his victory news conference is that he is a union fire, he's going to create a new inclusive republican party and i'm sure the republican party establishment heard that and they are saying, oh, my gosh. >> how? >> how? >> and john kasich, does he stay
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>> well, he'e' going to stay in and everybody but ben carson, i don't see how ben carson continues on. the other thing that was said this evening that i found fascinating, marco rubio told george stephenopolous. how he does that, i don't see how, but, hey, we've been wrong about everything else in this campaign season. >> it's been talked about 25 million reasons why he would be able to do it. >> there will be a lot of money coming? >> don't miss abc's continuing super tuesday coverage after night line. we have to point out all three of michael's predictions were correct. >> he is the one and only and we love having him on our team.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, will forte! from "the walking dead," ross marquand! and music from miike snow! with cleto and the cletones. and now, hold on, here's jimmymy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you for coming out. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming.


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